Extra Mural Activities


Lesson Times:

Toddler Class (12h30 – 13h00)

3 – 6 years (13h00 – 13h30 & 13h30 – 14h00)
Will be confirmed before first lesson



Today, it is all about perfection for children: school, sports, social media, and parents. Let’s give children their childhood back. Let’s show them how to be strong, and calm in their own way. Yoga and Mindfulness is a powerful meditation and practice for children to learn how to cope, and be present in this ‘hurry-up’ world. 

The benefits are extremely invaluable: flexibility; balance; concentration and focus; confidence; health and wellness; coping tools for stress, and anxiety. 



Oh Crumbs is a mobile baking and craft class for kids. We cater for school classes, private classes, events and parties. 

Oh Crumbs visits different schools on a weekly basis and provides yummy baking and creative craft classes for your little one. When enrolling your child in the Oh Crumb’s classes, your little one will enjoy baking delicious recipes one week and the following week they will get creative with a fun craft. The best part of the Oh Crumbs classes is that your little one will come home with their creation after each lesson.

Some of the benefits of the Oh Crumbs classes include: 

  1. Creative thinking
  2. Social skills
  3. Mathematical skills 
  4. Problem solving
  5. Decision making
  6. Hygiene
  7. Safety in the kitchen



Kindermusik has been voted the best international early childhood music and movement programme. Based on decades of research since 1978, a team of experts, therapists, child psychologists, and of course musicians have developed each and every activity.

The programmes are all age appropriate and incorporate basic school concepts.

To have Kindermusik in the early years can make a profound difference to a child’s life. It contributes significantly to the musical, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. The programme is based on the belief that musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain and therefore nurture the development of the whole child. Activities are designed to encourage multisensory learning, which employs and integrates several senses at once, stimulating multiple areas of the brain

“Changing the world one child at a time”



The primary aim of DANCE MOUSE is to encourage children to enjoy dance expression and to increase their passion and love of dance. Should children only want to dance for fun (whether talented or not) or to do exams and competitions they have the freedom to choose.

  • Teaching children technique and rhythm, and increasing their overall self-confidence.
  • Dancers are exposed to proprioception skills and various other activities that enhance their sensory, vestibular (balance) and gross motor skills at a steady and controlled pace. Vagus Nerve centring techniques used to self-calm and refocus.
  • Offers a solid foundation of dance, body and spatial awareness. Dancers become very aware of their own body, its limitations and strengths.
  • A great emotional release and cardio workout for both boys and girls offering them an overall sense of well – being.

Dancers achieve all of the above while dancing to the latest music and most importantly having loads of FUN!

DANCE MOUSE uses an array of equipment: hedgehogs, wobble boards, silk, scarves, hula hoops, cheerleader shakers, ribbon sticks etc. Techniques are presented in such a way as to make it fun. We are opposed to any form of stress or pressure being placed on children in order to achieve results.



Playball is a sports program that is age appropriate and covers, very important life skills, the fundamental physical development of young children: stability (balance), locomotion (movement) and manipulation (ball skills).

The small class numbers (maximum of 8 children in a class) facilitate personal attention and individual development. Our mission statement embodies our approach to learning and how the responsibility of teaching the children weighs on us as teachers and sports coaches.

Playball’s mission is to use sport as a means to develop every aspect of a child’s life. The program includes a variety of skills that prepares the children for confident and competent sports participation in all the popular ball sports.  

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